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Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel is the angel of joy. The meaning of the name Haniel is “He Who Sees God”, “The Joy Of God”, “The Glory of God” or “The Grace of God”. She usually appears in female form in our world. She is the patron of those who searching enlightenment, joy and fulfillment in God. Haniel is the one who helps us to find joy in any circumstances. She is also the channel between us and God.

Archangel Haniel is the one who teaches us how to get closer to God. And she is The Angel of Benevolence, Grace and Mercy. Being mostly invoked for favors. Haniel is also the patron of beauty and love. Therefore, she is often invoked for peace, harmony, affection and more love.

Archangel Haniel


Archangel Haniel in sacred texts

In the Kabbalah, Haniel is described as the one who takes care of the so called “Netzach” (translated as “victory”), the seventh sphere, Sephira, on The Tree of Life.

Enoch described Haniel as his helper to get to the Heaven. She is the one who transported Enoch, the prophet, to Heaven.

Archangel Haniel is the ruler of the principalities in the third sphere of Heaven. The principalities are the patrons of the leaders of Earth. They have to make sure that those leaders do God’s will. Haniel is also the leader and patron of the planet Venus.

Haniel also appears in the Babylonian cultures. She helped the priest-astronomers to discover new facts and theories linked to astrology, astronomy, spirituality, Divine, healing methods, etc.

Archangel Haniel helps us to improve our relationships with other, to find new friends who we can enjoy life with. She has the ability to heal emotional, mental and spiritual problems. Pray for Haniel’s help if you feel overwhelmed and full of stress sorrow. Archangel Haniel will bring joy into your life and she will teach you to love yourself, your life and God.


Archangel Haniel

He can bring to life the feminine energy in you. She is the angel of joy, love and sensitivity. She can help you to heal feminine related issues. Haniel will help you to heal those issues. Archangel Haniel is more powerful during full moon.

Also mediums, psychics and clairvoyants can pray for Haniel’s help. She will teach them how to develop their spiritual gifts and powers.

Archangel Haniel is patron of feminnie energy, but that doesn’t mean that only females can pray for her. Men can also ask for her help to find, awaken and acknowledge their inner guidance.

She is often compared with the stars and the moon. Just like those beautiful cosmic objects illuminate the sky when it is dark. Haniel illuminates our soul when we are in the darkness of fear, worries and stress. Archangel Haniel knows how to restart the fire of joy in our hearts and find the love of God.

You can also find Haniel under the names: Aniel, Hamiel, Onoel, Hanael, Archangel Simiel and Anael. She is the angel of the month December.

Archangel Haniel

Angel Haniel in legends lore and the occult

In The Magus, Haniel is the chief of Principalities, Virtues and Innocents. Therefore, she watches over and guards all the innocents, mostly the newborns and children.

Also, Archangel Haniel is the governor of the zodiac sign Capricorn. Although other sources consider her the ruler of Taurus and Libra.  And she also governs the planet Venus. She is one of the 7 main archangels and 10 principal holy sefiroth.

In Jewish Lore, Haniel is the ruler of the Seventh Sephirah of The Tree of Life. The sphere where the Elohim live. Therefore, Haniel is also the ruler of the Elohim.

Numerous occult texts sustain that Haniel was the angel which took Enoch to Heaven. But other sources credit Anafiel with this duty.

Due to her being the governor of Venus, Haniel is often compared with the Chaldean goddess Ishtar. But she is also very often associated with Archangel Chamuel.

Archangel Haniel

The amulet of Haniel

Angel Haniel is one of the main amulets of invocation. Being part of one of the simplest amulets, which sounds like this:

“Hasdiel at my right, Haniel at my left, Rahmiel at my head, angels, let me find favor and grace before all men, great and small, and before all of whom I have need, in the name of Yah Yah Yah Yau Yau Yau Yah Zebaot.”

Amen Amen Amen Selah.

The many names of Angel Haniel

Onoel – mostly known from Gnostic teachings. He is one of the 7 Great Archons. according to numerous legends, Onoel is a demon. And he mostly appears in the form of an ass.

Anael and Aniel – the angel of human sexuality and passion. She rules over the planet Venus, Friday and the 2nd Heaven. And sometimes she is often believed to be the ruler of the Moon. Anael is also responsible for the prayers that ascend from the 1st Heaven.

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