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Angel Arariel

Arariel is the celestial curer of stupidity. Therefore, he holds healing energy that can cure mental illnesses and even stupidity, according to different sources. But Arariel is also one of the 7 angels that have dominion over the earth. He is equated with Azareel, Azriel and even Uzziel.

Arariel and the Angels of the Earth

ArarielThere seven celestial guardians that watch over the earth. One of them is angel Arariel (Azriel). The other 3 rulers of the earth are: Admael, Arkiel, Arciciah, Ariel, Harabael, Saragael and Yabbashael. His most important duty as a ruler of the earth is to watch over the waters, as related in The Talmud. Therefore, he is often invoked and prayed for by fisherman. They ask for good luck, big catches and to come back home without any negative event.

Angel Arariel is ok to call upon when you are going to travel on the sea or the ocean. He can protect you and those who travel with you.

Angel Arariel as Azriel

Azriel is on of the Angels of Destruction. But he is not a fallen angel. Azriel is often called upon to ward off the evil. He is also called Mehniel and his name means “The Mighty Camp”. His residing place is in the North side of Heaven. There he commands 60 myriads of legions of angels. But he also receives prayers.


Uzziel’s name means “Strength of God”. He is also known as Usiel or Azareel. One of the chief angels of the Cherubim and the Virtues (Malachim). He is also one of the 7 angels who stand before the Throne of Glory, as related in The Book of Angel Raziel. But he is also one of the 9 angels ruling over the 4 winds. And in Merkabah lore, Uzziel is ruled by Metatron, being the angel of mercy.

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