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Angel Asmodel

Angel Asmodel

Angel Asmodel – also known as the divine governor of the month April. He also governs the zodiac sign of Taurus. Initially, he was the superior of the order of Cherubim. But then he is mentioned as a demon in The Coptic Gnostic Pistis Sophia. Also, The Kabbalah mentions Angel Asmodel as one of the 10 evil sefiroth.

Richard Webster described Asmodel as a calm and relaxed man. Who is dressed in green and turquoise robes. And he holds and reads a scroll.

Do not confuse Asmodel with Asmodeus. The later is a fallen angel, not a holy one.

Angel Asmodel

Angel Asmodel

Holy Angel Asmodel is the divine angel of patience. Therefore, he brings spiritual patience and harmony. Asmodel brings inner peace and a sense of balance into your life. He is a great guidance in difficult situations. Because he allows you the patience to see clearly and search for solutions. He also fills you with a sense of cautiousness. He teaches you the importance of time in your plans in development. And he shows you how to transform patience into your strength. Therefore, meanwhile you wait for a project to develop, you spend your time with starting a new plan. And waiting patiently.

Asmodel is your best ally in annoying situations. Because he fills you with calm. And inspires you to master your emotions. Because if you have the strength to react calmly in a small situation, then bigger problems will be easier to pass. Angel Asmodel is the bringer of mysterious experiences into your life. Therefore, he inspires you to start new spiritual projects. Which will brings you sacred knowledge about the universe. He also fills you with curiosity. So, you will always feel the thirst to learn more about the spiritual worlds. Bringing closer to the esoteric teachings.

Angel Asmodel is also the divine angel of Cosmic Love. Therefore, he fills you with the unconditional love of God. This bright light of love fills you with compassion and respect for every creation of God. In conclusion, Asmodel brings love, joy and kindness into your life.

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