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Angel Ambriel

Guardian Angel Ambriel

Angel Ambriel – also known as the angel of intellectual capacity. Therefore, he brings mental clarity. And he also brings order and balance into your thoughts. Ambriel is also called Amriel. He is the divine angel of May. And he is also the Prince of the order of Thrones. Angel Ambriel rules over the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Holy Angel Ambriel

Angel Ambriel

Ambriel is the divine angel of intellectual capacity. Just Like Angel Cambiel and Harahel. He is the patron of psychics. He is powerful and promotes mental clarity for psychics. So, they improve spiritually. Ambriel also takes away the mental fogs, which aggravate certain situations or problems. This beautiful angel clears away negative thoughts such as fear, doubt or disbelief.

Ambriel has the perfect cure for a troubled mind. He clears your thoughts. And, therefore, improves your meditation. When you meditate upon Ambriel, he fills you with spiritual wisdom. And sacred knowledge. With his guidance, you will quickly master your emotions.

But Ambriel Angel is also the patron of students. He inspires you to learn continuously. He raises your capacity of learning and understanding. Ambriel is the angel of awareness and focus. Therefore, he brings mental clarity through concentration. He also holds sacred knowledge about the destiny of each human being. Therefore, he can help you to figure out your own path and karma. With his guidance you will know which path to follow.

Ambriel in ancient texts

His name appears on ancient oriental Hebrew charms, also called kamea. They are used as protection against evil forces. But he also appears on Hebrew Amulets. They used them for the same purposes as the Kamea. To ward themselves and the house from evil forces.

The 6th and 7th Books of Moses mention Ambriel as a spirit. And he is invoked for conjuring under the 7th seal of the planet Mars.

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