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Aloe Vera and Eczema

Aloe Vera and Eczema

A high percentage of the population suffer from eczema. The percentage revolves around 9 and 30%. People who live in dry areas are more likely do have this condition. Some symptoms of this condition are: dryness, itching and flaky skin. Some reasons behind this trigger are: hormonal imbalances, allergens, irritants or food allergies. Because of them, the skin loses its ability to produce oil. Today we will analyze whether Aloe Vera and eczema go together.

There isn’t a complete cure for this condition. However, you can try some remedies to keep your symptoms under control. Here is how Aloe Vera and Eczema work and what you can get from this plant:

Hydrated skin. This is extremely important, especially considering the fact that your skin dries a lot because of eczema. You can try using an Aloe Vera gel to increase the moisture of your skin.  The high sugar content of this plant acts as a humectant that retains water in the tissues. This will decrease the ‘tight’ feeling that eczema causes.

Aloe Vera and Eczemaaloe vera and eczema

Reduced infections. Sometimes, your eczema tends to worsen due to other infections. Therefore, minimizing them is critical in this situation. Little kids also tend to scratch their skin, which will only infect the area. Aloe Vera will soothe and gently disinfect.

Calms itching. Because the skin dries, it also becomes flaky and itchy. Therefore, Aloe Vera will help reduce the itching sensation. The components of this plant also have a calming effect, feeling cool on the skin. They will have an immediate effect.

Could help hydrocortisone work better. Recent research found out that Aloe Vera can enhance the absorption of hydrocortisones. Therefore, you can use Aloe Vera together with other steroid creams to calm eczema. We need more research and information regarding this issue but the prospect is positive.

All in all, Aloe Vera and eczema work well together and you can safely use this plant to calm your symptoms.

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