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Achaiah Angel of Patience

Achaiah Angel of Patience

Achaiah Angel of Patience, the 7th name of God. Bible scripture according to the name Achaiah: “The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and plenteous in mercy”. The names meaning is The Forbearing or Patient God (Deus Longanimis, in Latin). Alao, he is one of the Seraphims.

Achaiah Angel of Patience

Achaiah Angel of Patience

Achaiah discovers the role of patience in the creation of the universe. He loves the exploration and discovery of truth. Achaiah Angel of Patience is the best guide in periods that need patience and waiting. He will give you patience and accuracy in the execution of difficult work. He has the capacity to show you what is occult and guide you to discover it yourself. Achaiah Angel of Patience is the propagator of light, knowledge, insight and loves to discover hidden aspects. He facilitates the media coverage through television, radio, press, internet, etc. Achaiah can help you to pass exams and solve difficult problems. He gives us the patience we need to learn. With his guidance we can discover hidden secrets ans find original solutions to our problems. This angel has a beneficial force in the use of programming and computers.

Guardian Angel Achaiah

The Angel of Patience helps people who are impatient, rebel, lazy, negligent, headless and ignorant. You can pray to him if you have no desire to learn or you can’t study. You can also pray for his powerful presence and guidance when you have failed an exam, you have been excluded from a position of authority or you just can’t keep promises. He also influences media manipulation and people who seek personal glory.

In conclusion, Achaiah Angel of Patience influences the people who were born between April 21 ans April 25. Those influenced by Achaiah are very spiritual, but they have their feet on the ground at the same time. They are the kind of people who look to the horizon, but their mind is on the stars. Also, they grow up as very knowledgeable people with great influence, even if they have no chance for proper education. They have a spiritual protection which they can feel, so they tend to take dangerous risks and need to know all sides of the issues they meet.

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