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5 Best Semi Vegetarian Diet Recipes

5 Best Semi Vegetarian Diet Recipes

Semi Vegetarians limit the intake of meat or eat meat only a couple of times a week. There are many Semi Vegetarian Diet Recipes which can help you to lose weight. Most of these recipes contain only red meat. Also, reducing the amount of high-fat meat can help against obesity, some forms of cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. If you want to try a semi vegetarian diet you should try these recipes:

Omelets are a great way to keep you away from meat. You can cook your omelet as you want as long as you don’t add any type of meat in it. If you are still afraid that the omelet don’t provide you enough calories, then you can add cheese, vegetables, greens or yesterday’s leftover beans.

Semi Vegetarian Diet RecipesGrilled Cheese in a sandwich is a great meal that you can have. Toast two slices of bread and then simply add your favourite ingredients you like. You can use tomatoes, pesto, mozzarella or mushrooms. Also, if your grilled sandwich looks poor, you can add a fried egg on top of it.

Semi Vegetarian Diet Recipes

Vegetable Soup. There are plenty recipes for vegetable soups, choose one which you like. A simple soup recipe should contain beans, pasta and vegetables. You can choose how much liquid you want to remain. Also, if you think there is too much soup, you can save it as stock for other soup you want to cook.

Ramen is a great dish for vegetarians. If you do all the chopping in advance, before you start to cook the ramen, it is very easy to cook it. Although you can add any vegetables you like, cooked or raw. Ramen is a great low-calorie dish for any diet.

Stuffed Tomatoes or Peppers. You can simply add what you want into these healthy vegetables. If you have some leftover rice salad or beans, put them into the bell peppers an add some parmesan on top of it. Then bake them until the pepper is soft. It is a great way to eat well without consuming any meat.

As you see, there are many possibilities for semi vegetarian diet recipes. These recipes should be a must in any diet, because they are full of nutrients and they help you to keep away from meat.

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