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4 Coconut Tea Benefits

4 Coconut Tea Benefits

Everyone knows by now about the coconut oil craze. And everyone swears by it. From cooking to beauty products and healing, there is nothing coconut can’t do. And we are here to talk about coconut tea and its benefits. Because coconut is not limited only to its oil. You can eat almost any part of it. The milk, cream, meat, anything. Therefore, here is why coconut tea is great.

Coconut is good for your hair. This means no more split ends. The compounds in the tea transfer to your hair, helping to strengthen it and give it more shine. If your hair is looking a bit dull, then all you have to do is make a cup of tea.

coconut tea benefitsHelps with Alzheimer’s. The digestion of it creates ketones, which your brain needs in order to function. Ketones give the brain enough energy to transform glucose into energy. Recent studies show that the brain creates its own insulin. However, a person suffering from Alzheimer’s cannot do this. Meaning it needs an alternative source to repair the brain function. And this is where coconut tea comes in.

4 Coconut Tea Benefits

Protects the liver and kidneys.  The oil as well as tea can clear up the urinary tract, as well as heal infections. Coconut tea works as a natural antibiotic that kills off the bacteria and sterilizes your kidneys. Coconut water also helps keep you hydrated and speeds up the healing process. Doctors can even inject coconut water to clear out kidney stones.

Immune system booster. Because it has lauric acid, coconut tea can fight bacteria and create a hostile environment against viruses. Lots of diseases are caused due to the growth of fungus, viruses and other bacteria in our bodies. Therefore, drinking more of this tea can help protect you against them. Try to replace sugar because it feeds the growth of bad bacteria.

All in all, coconut tea just proves how amazing coconut really is. By now we think that there isn’t anything it cant do.

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