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4 Calendula Gel Benefits

4 Calendula Gel Benefits

Calendula is a plant that has been used for centuries for both culinary and cosmetic purposes. You may not know about Calendula, per se, but you surely know about marigolds. People use calendula to treat muscle spasms, reduce menstrual cramps, reduce fever and soothe sore throats. When you apply it to the skin, calendula can reduce both pain and swelling. This is why you can find calendula gel on the market. Here is what you can gain from using it:

Anti-inflammatory benefits. Due to its flavonoids, calendula has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The antioxidants that it contains also help protect your skin against free radical damage. You can use calendula gel to treat all sorts of inflammations. From dermatitis to diaper rash and ulcers, it works wonders for you.

4 Calendula Gel Benefits

4 Calendula Gel BenefitsCalms muscle spasms. This is a problem that many people confront with. Muscle spasms affect various parts of your body. They appear as a result of overuse, dehydration or fatigue. You can use calendula gel on the area and massage it lightly. It will soothe your muscles and relax them.

Heals ulcers and wounds. Research shows that using a calendula-based gel can help speed up recovery rate. Animals treated with a calendula extract have a 90% closure of wounds. Those that had other types of treatment had only a 51% recovery. You can also use calendula to improve skin hydration and firmness. By increasing the oxygen flow to the area, your body grows new skin cells faster. When you drink calendula tea you can even heal internal problems such as ulcers.

Soothes menstruation cramps. By drinking calendula tea you can help induce your menstrual cycle as well as easing the pains. Flavonoids relax muscles, stimulate blood flow and promote an easy menstruation.

All in all, calendula gel is a natural and useful product that you should have in handy. You never know when you might need it. With so many benefits to offer you, it’s a shame not to use it.

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