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3 Benefits of Papaya for Babies

3 Benefits of Papaya for Babies

Many parents give their infants papaya later on. The first foods that parents give their babies are potatoes, avocado and banana. The best age to offer papaya to babies is between 7 to 8 months. There are some dirty foods known as the dirty dozen, which are highly contaminated with pesticides. Luckily, papaya is not one of them. Here are some benefits of papaya for babies:

3 Benefits of Papaya for BabiesPapayas are delicate, meaning that they bruise more easily. This means that bruises causes the fruit to rot faster. Pick your papayas carefully and make sure they are not too tender. You will want to look for one that has a red-yellow color. Papayas that are yellow are also good, but they are not ripe. This means you will have to leave them on the counter. A ripe papaya has a nice, subtle smell to it.

3 Benefits of Papaya for Babies

Improves digestion. Papaya contain an enzyme called papain. This helps the baby’s digestive system to break down food better. This is also why so many chefs use papaya to soften the meat. Give your baby papaya with no worries. It will definitely help their digestion.

Boosts immunity. A baby’s immune system is still developing. This means that it is not as strong as ours. Babies are in danger of contracting illnesses or infections. Because it contains lots of vitamin C, it is perfect for your baby’s diet. This nutrient will help strengthen your infant’s immune system and protects them against illnesses.

Cures constipation. Lots of infants suffer from constipation. Therefore, try feeding them 2-3 ounces of mashed papaya a day. Because it is rich in fiber, it will improve digestion. Moreover, papaya acts as a natural laxative that regulates bowel movements. It is an age-old remedy for constipation.

To sum up, these are the most important benefits of papaya for babies. Feel free to include this delicious fruit in your baby’s diet starting from 7 months of age. Also remember to never give your baby unripe fruit. Always check it and wash it thoroughly beforehand.

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