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the dukan diet

The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet A protein based regime, the Dukan diet was conceived with weight loss in mind and is split into 4 phases. The Dukan Diet has very strict rules about what you can and cannot eat. Unfortunately, this diet does not promise quick results. What makes it different, however, …

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The DASH Diet

The DASH Diet An abbreviation of the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, the DASH Diet has become fairly popular. This started off as a method of helping people suffering from high blood pressure. However, it has been proven to be suitable for weight loss too. Relying heavily on fruits and …

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Healthy Chinese Food

How To Treat Child Addiction To Technology

How To Treat Child Addiction To Technology? How To Treat Child Addiction To Technology – With technology becoming such a prominent part in our lives, it is hard to stay away from it. However, as useful as it can be, it also has its downsides. Nowadays, lots of children suffer …

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Habits For Healthy Skin

Strategies To Improve Memory

5 Strategies To Improve Memory Strategies To Improve Memory – With age, some of our brain functions tend to decline and our memory will not work at full capacity. In addition to this, stress, poor dietary choices, lack of sleep and other factors can also negatively impact your health. However, a …

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Increase Your Self-Confidence

Increase Your Self-Confidence There are moments in our lives when it is hard to see the glass as half-full. Each of us has struggled with Self-Confidence at some point. Seeing the positive side of life is never easy. However, once you do it, you will never want to go back. …

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Start Your Own Workout Plans

Start Your Own Workout Plans The key to any Workout Plans is to choose something that is appropriate for you and your needs. Once you do this, you are more likely to stick to it long-term. Before taking up exercising, think about what you would like best. There are many …

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Causes of Dry Skin

Causes of Dry Skin Unfortunately, this is a common condition that affects both men and women equally. The Causes of Dry Skin are diverse, and their effects are bothersome for everyone. A lack of water in the epidermis of the skin is the main trait of this condition. Usually this …

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Healthy Desserts

Healthy Desserts There is not a single person on this planet who does not enjoy a dessert from time to time. However, when your sugar intake is very high, so is the risk of certain diseases. For those that have a sweet tooth, cutting back on sugar might be a …

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Health Benefits of Honey

Health Benefits of Honey Also known as liquid gold, this miracle ingredient definitely deserves that nickname. Honey has a multitude of benefits for the whole body, ranging from skincare to nutrition and even hair care. Being a natural and healthy sweetener, honey can act as a sugar replacement and offer …

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