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Vegetarian Sources of Protein

Vegetarian Sources of Protein If you’re vegetarian, you’re probably constantly looking for vegetarian sources of protein. An important element in everyone’s diet, protein is needed for a proper development of the body. Although the main sources of protein are consisted of meat, fish and dairy products, vegetarian sources of protein …

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Increase Energy and Stamina

Increase Energy and Stamina At times, you might feel tired and find yourself looking for ways to improve energy and stamina. Of course, it isn’t possible to be energized all the times. But sometimes, you are on the verge of exhaustion and fatigue. These can be caused by a number …

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Avocado: Benefits

Avocado: Benefits Belonging to the list of super foods, avocado is high in fatty acids, but low in cholesterol and rich in all the essential vitamins and minerals. This fruit is very versatile and can be eaten raw, as a dessert whip or added in salads. They also make good …

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Vitamins Women Should Take

Vitamins Women Should Take Without making any discrimination, there are vitamins that women should take, that men don’t need to. Many women choose a healthy diet plan that include all the right vitamins and minerals. These, in turn, ensure that their bodies function properly and that serious health problems are …

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Foods for Strong Bones

Foods for Strong Bones There are some foods for strong bones that are the best. A healthy set of bones is important for the protection of your internal organs, as well as for your good posture, balance and strength. In order to have strong bones, you have to make sure …

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Home Remedies for Eye Infections

Home Remedies for Eye Infections A very common problem that makes no age discrimination, eye infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or allergies. Common symptoms include tearing, redness, swollen eyelids, pain, or itching and vary in intensity from case to case. The important thing in case of eye infections …

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Foods to Avoid

Foods to Avoid Hectic lives consequently lead to hectic food choices. And although processed foods are more accessible and readily available, there are definite foods to avoid. All the poor dietary choices only increase the risk of heart diseases, excessive weight gain and other obesity related diseases. That’s why it’s …

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Snacks Under 100 Calories

Snacks Under 100 Calories Regardless if you’re on a diet or not, snacking comes as a second nature. If you’re on a diet, you probably try not to snack in between meals to avoid weight gain. But healthy snacks or snacks under 100 calories will help you lose or maintain …

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Healthy Coffee Alternatives

Healthy Coffee Alternatives Although coffee might have a number of health benefits, excessive consumption can leave you feeling jittery and anxious. Used as a good energy booster in the morning, it gives you the necessary tools to take on the daily tasks without murdering people. But consumed regularly all throughout …

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3 Benefits of Sandalwood Soap

Healthy Carbs Bodybuilding

Healthy Carbs Bodybuilding Healthy Carbs Bodybuilding – Although they have a bad reputation, carbs are not the sole cause of obesity. Restricting carbs and exercising can help you get in shape. Or it cannot. It depends on your body type, the amount of weight you are looking to lose, and …

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